Flower photography – DIY Studio

A bright sunny day may look like the perfect day to get outside and start capturing some flower photographs. However, in reality it can cause harsh shadows and blown out highlights.

How can you control the light that you have? One solution is to use a light tent. You can place this over the flower that you are shooting and it will produce softer, lower-contrast lighting.

As well as diffusing direct sunlight, light tents add more controlled light on dull, overcast days. This is done by placing the light tent over the flower and then place an off camera flash outside of the tent to simulate sunlight. Instead of the harsh light you would usually get from the flash you get a much softer light.

It also allows you to control the background by either using the white background of the light tent or placing coloured paper as a backdrop.

A light tent also reduces the possibility of the subject moving on windy days as it is protected.

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