Composing your best shot

There are several techniques that you can use as a beginner to improve your photographs. The more you practice and use your camera the better your pictures will be.

Leading lines

Leading lines is the most common means of composition. It is a technique which draws the viewers eye to the main subject of the image using lines. You can even make the leading line the main subject of the image.

Using the foreground

Using the foreground is the strongest and most commonly used feature of composition. It can range from a single or collection of features, colour, texture, pattern, or actually anything that catches the eye.

The simpler the foreground the better e.g a single colour or feature results in a better composition as there is a single point for the viewer to focus on.

Cropping the image

Cropping allows you to focus further in on a certain part of your image. It is always good to have an idea of the final crop in your mind when taking the image. Ensure you keep to consistent aspect ratio when cropping the image to ensure it is pleasing on the eye.

Rule of thirds

This can create a balanced image by placing the main he intersection of the 3×3 grid.

Be aware that the eye maybe drawn to the centre of the frame so use this to your advantage.

If you wish to create a greater feeling of space put your subject closer to the edge of your frame.

Placing your horizon

If you want to give the sky impact then go for a low horizon and look for an isolated feature to act as base for the horizon.

When positioning the horizon go with the flow of what feels right and conveys the message to the viewer.

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