Photographing with a broken thumb

Last week I was away on holiday in Cornwall and usually would have taken a kit of two DSLRs and several very heavy lenses. However, the Sunday before we were due to go away I dropped two dumbbells on my thumb being the very smart person that I am and broke the top of my thumb. This meant that there was no way I would be able to hold the lenses that I use due to their weight. My plan use my iPhone.

Now I know that the camera technology in smart phones has greatly improved over the past years but it still isn’t quite at the same level as that in my DSLR but I was extremely impressed by the panorama functionality it possessed to the extent that I actually became secretly obsessed with it taking a panorama wherever I possibly could. The one thing I did notice is that you can’t zoom in two close to items otherwise things start to become noisy but for general landscape images it was brilliant.

I have to admit that I will use my iPhone for more images and not just the usual selfie when out and about with friends. Though I do have to confess I seem to have started some kind of thumb selfie trend!

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